Free public tap water

Waternet installs, maintains and manages public drinking fountains and water taps. We do this on behalf of the boroughs of Amsterdam and other municipalities to which we supply tap water.

Residents, children, passers-by and tourists can safely drink from the public drinking fountains and water taps in Amsterdam. For example, when doing sports, playing outside or taking a walk. We install 2 types of drinking water taps:

  • public drinking fountains, also called drinking fountains or bubblers
  • water bottle filler stations or water taps 

All of the drinking water tap locations that we manage are shown on this map. 

Interesting facts and trivia

  • The first public drinking fountains and water taps were installed in 1903. At the time, not everyone had access to safe tap water at home. The government was committed to ensuring that everyone had access to safe tap water.
  • Most public water fountains are green. Some have special colours or decorative mosaics.
  • Great tasting and safe water, day and night, all year round.
  • The water of most public drinking fountains provide a continuous flow of fresh water. A number of drinking fountains now feature a convenient push button as a pilot project. If the trial is successful, we will install more public water fountains with push buttons.