Objection and appeal concerning boating

Do you disagree with a decision of Waternet about a permit, exemption or fine? Then you have the right to object. Do you disagree with the ruling concerning your objection? Then you have the right to appeal.

How do I object to a decision?

If you disagree with a decision, you have the right to object. Please do so within 6 weeks  after the date written on your fine/ the document that  you received. Please provide the following information:

  • Your name and address and your ‘burgerservicenummer’ (BSN). This is a unique personal number for everyone who is registered in a Dutch municipality. Your BSN appears in your Dutch passport, driving license and identity card.
  • Please explain the reason for your objection
  • Reference number of your document / fine
  • Date of your objection
  • Your signature
  • Copy of the document / fine that you are objecting to
  • Copies of possible documentary evidence

Please send your objection to:

Waternet, Afd. Handhaving 
Postbus 94370 
1090 GJ Amsterdam

Objection to the towing away of your boat

Do you disagree with the fact that your boat has been towed away? Please submit an objection  to the municipality of Amsterdam. Make sure you do so within 6 weeks.

Please send your objection to:

Burgemeester en wethouders van Amsterdam 
Postbus 202 
1000 AE Amsterdam

More info

More information can be found on amsterdam.nl: bezwaar maken tegen een besluit (object to a decision).