Multiple debit orders in July

In July we will be debiting multiple instalments from some customers.  

We are behind in debiting the instalments for the tap water bill for some customers. This is due to the fact that we have switched to a new computer system. We are now going to make up for this delay. As such, we will be debiting multiple orders from these customers in July.

Invoices up to and including June

We will debit all amounts that correspond to the invoices up to and including June 2021. Customers have previously received these invoices from us. In July, these customers will also receive the invoice for July. After that, we will have caught up with debit orders. Starting from August, customers will only receive 1 tap water bill per month.

Are you unable to pay? 

We understand that it may not be convenient to pay multiple invoices at once. Therefore you can request a payment plan. Fill in the form. Or contact our customer service. We will try to help you to the best of our abilities.