Didn't receive your tap water bill? No debit collected?

We know about this. We will send you the bills later.

It's possible we did not collect any money from your bank account for tap water in november 2020. And that you did not yet receive your annual statement (jaarafrekening).

That’s because we migrated to a new system. We were unable to send any bills or collect any money for a time. The migration is now done; we are resuming normal operations. That means we will once again start sending bills and collecting money.

How does this impact you?

We will send you your bill and collect the amount at a later moment than usual. Read on to find our what this means for your situation:

You did receive a bill, but no amount was taken from your account in november

This could happen if you pay your drinking water bills through direct debit.

  • We will collect november's amount in the last week of december.
  • We will collect december's amount a few weeks later than usual.
  • We will collect january's amount around the 20th of the month, as usual.

This means there is less time between each withdrawal than what you are used to.

You have not received your annual bill

Did you submit your yearly meter reading in november or december? And have you not yet received your annual bill? That is correct. We will send you the annual bill in the first week of januari.

Difficulties paying your bills?

Do you have difficulties to pay your bills because of this? We would be happy to help you. You can always contact our customer service to request a payment plan.

Request payment plan