Multiple bills per month

A few thousand customers will be receiving 2 bills per month over the coming months. This way we can catch up and eventually send everyone their bills on time.

Because of a transition to a new compter system, we couldn't send any bills or withdraw any amounts for your tap water for some time. We've caught up for most customers.

2 bills per month for 5600 customers

For about 5600 customers there is a backlog of about half a year. It will be necessary to send 2 bills per month for this group to catch up. If you are in this group and have chosen to pay with direct debit, we will also withdraw 2 amounts each month. We will send you an email or letter about this.

Difficulties paying your bills?

Do you have difficulties to pay your bills because of this? We would be happy to help you. You can always contact our customer service to request a payment plan.

Request payment plan