Request remission

Would you like to apply for remission of your water authority tax assessment? Find out which conditions you must meet in order to be eligible for remission.

Where do I apply for remission?

Apply for remission (form in Dutch)

Requirements for remission

  • Your income level is at or below social assistance level (link in Dutch).
  • The money on your bank account(s) does not exceed the applicable standard amount (see below).
  • You do not own a car with a resale value of more than € 2,269.
  • You do not own a home of which the value is more than your mortgage.

Standard amounts

In order to qualify for remission of water authority tax, the amount on your bank account may not be larger than the standard amount. Plus 1 month’s rent and 1 month’s premium for health insurance. The standard amount depends on the number of people in your household:

I am single or a single parent

The following standard amounts apply for one-person households and single parents:

  • If you are not entitled to a pension: € 977.15
  • If you are entitled to pension: € 1,136.81

I live together with my partner

The following standard amounts apply if you live together (type of household: married couples):

  • If both partners are not entitled to a pension: € 1,395.93
  • If 1 partner is, 1 partner is not entitled to a pension: € 1,551.18
  • If both partners are entitled to a pension: € 1,561.80


Can I apply for remission for all types of water authority tax?

No. You can only apply for remission of the water system charge for residents (watersysteemheffing ingezetenen) and the water treatment charge / pollution charge (zuiveringsheffing / verontreinigingsheffing).

You can not apply for remission for the water system charge for buildings, land without buildings or a nature area.