I have bought a boat, what actions should I take?

Would you like to moor your boat in Amsterdam? Then you will need a harbour fee sticker. The actions you must take depend on your specific situation.

The boat already has a harbour fee sticker, but the previous owner has not yet paid the harbour sticker fee

Apply for a new harbour fee sticker. You may moor your boat in Amsterdam as soon as you have received the harbour fee sticker.

The previous owner must deregister the boat.

The boat already has a harbour fee sticker and it has been paid for by the previous owner

Please transfer the harbour fee sticker to your name. You need to do this together with the previous owner. Please send an email to bhg@waternet.nl with your harbour fee sticker number, name and address. You will not have to pay for your harbour fee sticker until next year.

Please discuss with the previous owner whether you will pay part of the harbour sticker fee related to the remaining months of the year to him/her.

My boat does not yet have a harbour fee sticker

Please apply for a new harbour fee sticker. The previous owner does not have to take any action.