Compliant with the Web Guidelines

Waternet believes it is important that all of our customers can use the website, whether they are young or old, have a low or high level of education, are dyslexic or handicapped. This also applies to customers with an old or modern computer. Therefore, we are working hard to ensure that our website complies with the Web Guidelines (WRv2). already broadly complies with the standards laid down in version 2 of the Web Guidelines (WRv2). However, some parts of the website might not yet meet the standards due to the size of the website.

Which elements of the website still need to be improved?

The elements which do not yet meet the standards laid down in the Web Guidelines still need to be modified.  We are in the process of doing so and will complete this process in (the course of) 2017:


The Web Guidelines set high-level requirements for pdfs. First, is improving the design of the website and the texts. Then, we will ensure that all of the pdfs comply with the standards laid down in the Web Guidelines. In the meantime, we accept the pdfs which comply with the following requirements:

  • it is either PDF/A-1a or PDF/UA-1
  • it is not a scanned document
  • the text can be selected and copied
  • it does not contain personal details 
  • the correct department is stated in the metadata

New pdfs must also at least comply with these requirements. These requirements already apply now. Pdfs from before January 1st 2015, will not be modified to meet the requirements (‘drempelvrij’) as this is not mandatory.

Video clips

The video clips at do not yet meet the standards set in the Web Guidelines. For example, Dutch subtitles will be added at a later point in time. As the video clips currently do not have Dutch subtitles, some customers cannot (properly) use the video clips. Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for this problem now.

However, we are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible.
Our objective is to ensure our video clips meet the standards laid down in the Web Guidelines by the end of 2018. From that date onwards, we will only add video clips to the website which comply with the rules.  We will ensure that videos comply with the Web guidelines the next business day at the latest.

Old content

Sometimes, an archive of all of the files which are no longer up-to-date need to remain available on the website. For example, old press releases. We no longer adapt old files. That would cost too much money and would be too time consuming. Some of the website visitors cannot (properly) use the old content. Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for this problem.

To ensure that the less accessible files are kept to a minimum, we impose strict requirements to new files. Is the content of a file which you need not accessible? Or are you missing documents? Please contact our customer service team. We will ensure that you will still receive the documents.

Tips or comments?

If you think that (certain sections of) are less accessible, please contact our customer service team. If necessary, we will look for a solution as soon as possible.