Our service area

We work in Amsterdam and surrounding area. Approximately 1,3 million people live in our service area.

Explore our map to see where we manage:

  • tap water: clean water from the tap
  • sewage: the treatment of wastewater
  • water management and treatment: clean rivers, ponds and lakes

verzorgingsgebied drinkwater = service area of tap water
verzorgingsgebied riolering = service area of sewers
waterbeheer en zuivering = water management and purification

As you can view on the map, we manage the sewer system throughout Amsterdam. We supply tap water to a slightly larger area; it includes a section of Amstelveen and Heemstede.

We take care of water management and treatment to an even larger area; it includes a large part of the province of Utrecht and a smaller part of the province Zuid-Holland.