Boating in Amsterdam

Boating in Amsterdam can be fun. But before you leave the docks, prepare yourself well. You conduct all your boating affairs with the municipality of Amsterdam.

City of Amsterdam

For all your boating affairs we refer you to the website of the City of Amsterdam or Here you can:

  • Apply for, renew or cancel a boat vignette (required for mooring your boat)
  • Read more about the costs for different kinds of vignettes
  • Read about rules an regulations on
Apply for a vignette
Apply for a vignette

Waterways and objects

Do you need up-to-date information about the operation of locks, drawbridges and boating on the most important sailing routes? Check out

Safe boating

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun time on the water? Read more on communication on the water, safety on board and special routes.

Bridges and locks

Amsterdam has many historical bridges and locks. Learn how you can pass through quickly and safely.