How would you like to receive your bills?

Choose how you would like to receive your bills: via email or by post

Have your bills delivered to your inbox

Tax assesment via email

Receive a handy email as soon as we've drawn up your tax assessment. Log in at My Waternet with your DigiD and change your settings to 'email'.

  • Never miss an important bill
  • Receive a friendly reminder when at risk of late payment
  • Less paper is better for the environment
Change settings
Change settings

Your bills through the post?

Would you rather receive your bills through the post? Here's how:

  • For your tap water, please change your preferences in My Tap Water.
  • For your water authority tax, log in at My Waternet with your DigiD and change your settings.
  • Do you receive your online assessment via MijnOverheid? Please log in at MijnOverheid and unsubscribe for messages from 'Waternet - Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht'.

Where can I find my bills?

You can find all your bills after logging in to My Waternet. Even when you receive your bills through the post. This way, you can never lose a bill.

View your bills on My Waternet