Manage boating affairs

Manage everything for your boat online. Apply for a harbour fee sticker now. And make sure to read our tips for boating in Amsterdam.

Apply for harbour fee vignette

Mooring your boat in Amsterdam? Then you must apply for a harbour fee vignette. You may choose between an annual vignette or a one-day vignette. Please note that this form is only available in Dutch.

  • An annual vignette must be placed on your boat.
  • An annual vignette is valid until December 31.
  • A one-day vignette will be sent by email.
Apply for vignette
Apply for vignette

Change boating details

Please submit any changes regarding your boat online. Note that this form is only available in Dutch.

  • Name boat
  • Length and width
  • Engine type
Change details
Change details

Questions and answers about boating

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