Boat towed away?

Did you lose your boat? We might have towed it away. We will tow your boat if your boat is moored in a prohibited location. Or to ensure the safety and accessibility of the canals. We will also tow a boat away if it does not have a valid harbour fee sticker (vignette). Usually, we will first place a warning ticket on your boat and send a letter to your home address.

Has your boat been towed away? You will be given the opportunity to collect your boat. Otherwise we will have no other option than to sell your boat or dispose of it. You will need to pay the bill first before you can collect your boat. You will get the bill after you have scheduled an appointment.


Collect your boat

Schedule an appointment to collect your boat at the boat storage facility. This is the boat storage facility (Bewaarhaven) opposite the Danzigerkade 9.

Please call our customer service team to schedule an appointment.


Towing and storage charges of your boat

You are obliged to pay €364 for the towing of your boat. You are also obliged to pay for the storage of your boat in the storage facility. This fee is based on the length of your boat in metres and the number of days it was stored. It costs 0.90 euro per metre, per day. For example, is the length of your boat 10 metres? You will be charged 9 euros per day. You will also have to pay these fees if you do not collect your boat.

If the storage costs become higher than the value of your boat, we will destroy your boat. So, schedule an appointment now, to limit your costs.

Payment only via iDEAL

Please note: you cannot pay the towing and storage fees at the storage facility. As soon as you have scheduled an appointment to collect your boat, you will receive an email. This email will contain a link. Just click on the link to pay via iDEAL.


Submit an appeal

Do you think that we have towed away your boat without a valid reason? You can submit an appeal with the municipality of Amsterdam. You can do so within 6 weeks after we have put a card with our decision on your boat. This will be a red or blue plastic card.

Please note: submitting an objection does not have an impact on the storage of your boat. If you do not collect your boat in time, we will sell or demolish your boat. Please schedule an appointment to collect your boat via our customer service team.

Send your appeal to:

Burgemeester en wethouders Amsterdam
Postbus 202
1000 AE Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A number of conditions apply to submitting an objection. View these conditions and extra information on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam.


Where is the boat storage facility?

The boat storage facility (Bewaarhaven) can be found opposite the Danzigerkade 9.