Rules for mooring

There are many places in Amsterdam to moor your boat along the canals. There are mooring bollards on the embankment or rings on the quay walls. If they are present, you may only tie up your boat to them. You also need a valid vignette.


Would you like to moor your boat in Amsterdam? You are obliged to pay a harbour fee. A vignette is a plastic card that you stick on your boat. It is proof that you pay the harbour fee and may moor your boat in Amsterdam. You may choose between an annual vignette or a one-day vignette.

Apply for a harbour fee vignette


Consider the following rules when mooring your boat

  • Never tie your boat up to trees, bridge railings, lampposts or bike racks.
  • Do not moor your boat in a prohibited location. For example, under bridges. This will be indicated by a 'Verboden aan te meren' (forbidden to moor) sign.
  • Do not moor your boat in places where ladders or life-line ropes have been installed to save people from drowning. It is important that people can reach these to get out of the water.


The canals belong to all of us

You cannot claim or reserve a mooring spot. So, do not attach a nameplate to the quay. Would you like to have your own mooring spot? Arrange a spot in a marina.


Prevent damage to your boat

Naturally, you do not wish your boat or the quay wall to get damaged. Therefore, please hang fenders on the side(s) of your boat. These are a type of cushions or bumpers used between your boat and the quay wall.