Payment plan request

Would you like to set up a payment plan because you cannot afford to pay a bill? Find out how to request a payment plan and see how it works.

Sometimes, the timing just is not right. If you cannot afford to pay a Waternet bill in one go, we would be happy to help you and give you advice.

Payment in instalments

Were you aware that you have the option to pay your bill(s) in instalments with Direct Debit?  Then you will pay a small amount per month. You can set this up yourself.

Find out more about payment in instalments

How do I request a payment plan?

You can request a payment plan for:

  • Tap water account
  • Water authority tax assessment

You must request a separate payment plan for each of the above. Find out how this works below.

Tap water payment plan

Would you like to set up a payment plan for your tap water bill(s)? Please contact our customer service team. 
The payment plan would work as follows:

  • You will pay your bill(s) via Direct Debit.
  • We will withdraw a monthly amount from your bank account.
  • Your minimum payment is 30 euros per month.
  • The payment plan will be set up for a maximum period of 6 months.
  • You must also pay your other tap water bills via Direct Debit.

Please note: did you receive your bill from a collection agency or judicial officer? Then you cannot request a payment plan at Waternet. Please contact the collection agency or the judicial officer.

Water authority tax payment plan

What can you do if you cannot pay your water authority tax assessment? You might be eligible for remission of your water authority tax. If you qualify for remission, you do not have to pay the assessment.

Find out more about remission

If you did not qualify for remission, you can request a payment plan. 

Request a payment plan

Payment plan for all of your bills

Would you like a payment plan for all of the bills you receive from Waternet? Please contact our customer service team.