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Waste water

Did you know that the average person in Amsterdam uses an average of 133 litres of water per day? This equals 13 full buckets of water. It is used as drinking water, shower water and to flush the toilet. The used water is called wastewater. Waternet is committed to sustainable water management.


Wastewater may not simply flow back into nature untreated: this would be bad for the environment. This is why we maintain the sewer pipes in Amsterdam and surrounding area.  A network of 4000 kilometres in total! Our water treatment facilities clean the sewer water, after which it is released back into the surface water.

Green energy

Waternet is continuously developing new solutions. For example, the sludge that remains after the treatment of wastewater is converted into green energy in the form of natural gas. We use this green gas as, for example, fuel for our company cars and to heat a few of our buildings. We supply the excess gas to a utility company which converts it into electricity.

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