Water meter

Did you forget to submit your meter reading? No problem. We will estimate your annual bill. Is the estimate wrong? Please let us know.

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Please submit the 5 digits which are shown on a black background on your water meter. The digits that you need to submit can be found in the area with the blue edge. Some water meters only have 4 digits on a black background. In this case, please submit these 4 digits.

Are you on holiday, and thus unable to submit your yearly meter reading in time? Then we will estimate your water use.

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Are you moving home? Please submit the final meter reading of your old address. Did you already inform us that you are moving home? Please do submit your final meter reading nonetheless. This will allow us to create your final bill.

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Your water meter is a round, plastic box. It usually has a small, hinged cover.

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Is your water meter fogged up and are you unable to read the water meter? Or is it difficult to reach your water meter? Find out what you can do. 

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Are you trying to find the notification number (in Dutch: opnamenummer) to submit your meter reading? You can find this in your meter reading request email or letter.

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