New bank account number for tap water

Starting December 2020, Waternet will use a new bank account number for billing its tap water.

What is the new bank account number?

Our new bank account number for tap water is NL60 RABO 0110 0227 77.

When does the new bank account number go into effect?

Our new bank account number is effective immediately. You will see it listed on your next bill. This will most likely be an instalment bill, but it could also be a yearly bill, final bill or other kind of bill.

Do I need to take any action?

That depends on how you pay your tap water bills.

If you pay with Direct Debit

Then you do not need to take any action. With your next instalment payment, you will see our new bank account number on your bank statement.

If you pay your bills manually

If you pay with iDEAL your payment will automatically be wired to the correct bank account. If you pay with a bank transfer, make sure to use our new IBAN from december onwards: NL60 RABO 0110 0227 77. Tip: make sure to update the bank account number in your banking app’s contacts list.

Does this change also affect water authority tax?

No. That bank account number stays the same.

I transferred money to the old bank account. What happens now?

No worries. Your payment will still arive. The ING bank will transfer the money to our new account.


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