Is your income low? You may be eligible for remission of your water authority tax assessment.

You will receive the water authority tax assessment later than normal. Wait until you have received the assessment and submit your request for remission online.

Remission through your municipality

For most municipalities you will request remission directly from the municipality and not from Waternet. This allows you to request remission for both your water authority taxes and municipal taxes at the same time.

Because we have started sending out the assessments later, you may already have applied for remission from the municipality and received a ruling. What you need to do now depends on your situation:

  • You have already applied for remission and it has been approved
    Great. Your municipality has already communicated this information to us. We will not send you a water authority tax assessment this year.
  • You have already applied for remission and it has NOT been approved
    Has your request for remission for municipal taxes not been approved? You may still be able to apply for remission for water authority taxes. For example, if your income has decreased in the meantime. Please wait until you receive your tax assessment and submit a new request for remission.
  • You usually request remission from your municipality, but you have not submitted a request yet
    Please wait with submitting a request until you have received your tax assessment. Go to Request remission below, choose your municipality, and we will directly forward you to your municipality's page.

If you automatically receive remission every year

Have you given us permission to automatically check every year whether you are entitled to remission? Then you don't have to do anything. We will do the same check this year. Only this time you will receive our final ruling later than usual.

Make your choice

Apply for remission

You can apply for remission here online.

  • You will immediately see whether you need to apply to Waternet or to your municipality.
  • If you need to apply to Waternet, you can arrange it directly online.
Apply for remission
Apply for remission

Requirements for remission

  • Your income level is at or below social assistance level.
  • You do not own a home of which the value is more than your mortgage.
  • The money on your bank account(s) does not exceed the applicable standard amount.

Questions and answers about remission