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How much money am I allowed to have for remission?

To be eligible for remission, you may not have more than a certain amount in your bank and savings accounts. We call this the standard amount. The amount depends on your personal situation. The number of people you live with, for example. We will be happy to explain it to you.

Add 1 month's rent and 1 month's health insurance premium to the standard amount that applies to you. This is the maximum amount you are allowed to have in your account.

Do you have more money than the maximum allowed amount? Then unfortunately you are not entitled to remission.

Standard amounts 2024

 I am single or am a single parent
Situation Standard amount
Not entitled to pension € 1,283.83
Entitled to a pension € 1,531.46
I have a partner (married and unmarried)
Situation Standard amount
Neither are entitled to pension € 1,834.04
1 partner is entitled to pension € 2,081.40
Both are entitled to pension € 2,086.40

I have a child

Do you have children living with you? Then your standard amount will be higher. You may add the maximum amount of supplementary child benefit (). Do your children have jobs or savings? Those do not count towards your standard amount.

Cost sharing standard

The cost sharing standard has been increased since 1 January 2023 from 21 to 27 years. This means that we look at the number of people of 27 years or older with whom you live. The more people aged 27 years or older who are living with you, the lower your standard amount will be.

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