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The number of people in my household has changed. Should I report this change?

You do not have to take any action. However, you may want to change your monthly instalment.

Tap water

If more people are living in your home, you probably are using more water. As a result, your annual bill may increase as it is based on the amount of water you use.

Your tap water bill instalments are paid in advance. You can modify the payment amount on My Waternet for tap water. This will prevent extra charges later on.

Water authority tax

If the number of people in your household has increased or decreased, your municipality will let us know.

Did the number of people of your household change in the course of the year and you currently live alone at the same address? Then you will have to pay less taxes. Your water treatment charge will be lowered for the period that you lived and are living alone. It is one of the components of water authority tax.

You will receive a reduced assessment. This will be decreased from the day that you started living alone according to your municipality.

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