Understanding your annual tap water statement (jaarafrekening)

The annual statement concerns your tap water. It shows your annual water consumption. The statement also shows if funds will be reimbursed or if an additional payment is required. You will only receive an annual statement if your home has a water meter.

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Understanding your annual statement

Your annual statement shows the amount you have paid over the past year. This is the total of your monthly or quarterly payments over the past year. The statement also shows your water consumption in the past 12 months.

  • Have you paid for more water than you have consumed? Then the difference will be refunded.
  • Have you paid for less water than you have consumed? Then you should pay the difference to Waternet.

Explanation of your statement details

These amounts are stated on your annual statement, depending on your personal situation.

  • Waterverbruik (Water consumption). The amount you pay for your water consumption. View the water rates.
  • Vastrecht (Standing charge). You pay a fixed amount annually to help maintain the water pipes.
  • Belasting op leidingwater (Tap water tax). This tax is charged per m³ of your water consumption.
  • Btw (VAT). 9 % tax is levied on the standing charge, your water consumption and the taxes on tap water.
  • Subtotaal met btw (Total payment due, including VAT). This shows the water rates for your total water consumption over the past year.
  • Al in rekening gebracht (Already charged). This amount is the total amount of all of your instalment payments.
  • Te weinig in rekening gebracht (You owe us). For this amount you have consumed more water than you have paid.
  • Te veel in rekening gebracht (We owe you). You paid for more water than you have consumed.
  • Nieuw termijnbedrag (New instalment payment). This amount shows you how much you will be paying in advance in the coming year. We determine this payment based on your water consumption over the past year.
  • Te betalen (Payment due). This amount is shown if you have paid for less water than you have consumed. It also includes your next instalment payment.
  • Te ontvangen (Refund). This amount is shown if you have consumed less water than you have paid.

Adjust instalment amount

Do you want to increase or decrease your drinking water instalment?

  • It only takes a few minutes.
  • The new amount will take effect after your next bill.
  • With every annual statement, we set a new amount for you.
Adjust instalment amount
Adjust instalment amount

Example of an annual statement (in Dutch)

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Frequently asked questions

If your home has a water meter, we request that you submit your meter reading once a year. This will alow us to determine your annual water consumption.

Annual tap water bill

Our tap water costs 1.03 euros per cubic metre. You are also charged fixed costs, taxes on tap water and VAT.

View all tap water rates