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Report the death of an account holder

Thank you for contacting us at this difficult time. We are truly sorry for your loss. Please notify Waternet of an account holder’s death.

How to report a death of an account holder?

You can contact our customer service team () via chat or phone. You can also quickly and easily complete an online form. More information on this topic is listed below. 

If you are not sure whether the deceased received his/her water from Waternet, please call us (). We would be happy to check whether the deceased had an account for tap water.

We can either cancel the tap water contract or transfer the account to a different name. You do not have to take any action for the water authority taxes.

Cancel or change the tap water account online

Was the tap water of the deceased supplied by Waternet? Would you like to notify us of his/her death online? You may choose from the following 3 options:

Temporarily continue the delivery of tap water

Would you like to temporarily continue the supply of tap water to the address of the deceased? For example, because the home of the deceased has not been sold or rented out yet? Yes, this is an option. We can temporarily continue the contract. We will send any messages and/or bills to your address. We will refer to this address as the address of the heir(s).

Temporarily continue the delivery of tap water
Temporarily continue the delivery of tap water

Water authority tax

We do not have to be notified for the death of an accountholder for water authority tax. We will receive all the required information from: 

  • the municipality
  • the ‘Kadaster ()’ (The Netherlands' CadastreLand Registry and Mapping Agency) 
  • the Chamber of Commerce 

What if the deceased had not yet received a water authority tax assessment prior to his/her death?

Then the new owner/tenant will receive the water authority tax assessment for this address. 

Did the deceased live alone?

The water authority tax assessment will be transferred to the name of the heir(s). This includes the water system charge for ressidents and the water system charge for the ownership of the home.Find out more about the different components of water authority tax.

Other questions?

Call us

Call us on business days between 08:00 and 17:00. Want to report a water problem? You can call us 24 hours a day.

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Chat available

Our digital assistant can answer many of your questions. Is the assistant unable to help you? Than you can always send us an email via chat.

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