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Moving to a new build house

Are you moving to a new build house? An exciting time. And also, a time when you have a lot to arrange. For example, gas, electricity, water and the public sewer system. What should you pay attention to when moving to a new build house?

Most people buy a new build house through a property developer. Then you can be sure that all the connections will be taken care of for you. Even your tap water (drinking water). So, you won't need to request a connection for tap water yourself. However, for tap water, you will need to register as a customer with Waternet.

Meter readings

Write down all of the meter readings when you get the keys. Also, the one from the water meter. You will need to know the first meter reading when you register with us for tap water.

Building or having a house built yourself?

Have you bought land which you plan to build on yourself? And are you arranging all the connections yourself? Then request all your connections via (). This is where you can request several connections all at once. For example, gas, electricity, water and the public sewer system. 

Provide us with your new details

Are you receiving tap water from Waternet at your new home? And not at your old address? Then register yourself as a new customer with us.

Did you already receive tap water from us at your old address? Then notify us of your change of address. Keep the meter readings close at hand for this.

Submitting a change of address

You do not need to notify your change of address for the water authority tax assessment. Waternet will receive your new address from the municipality. Because you are moving house, the amount for your water authority tax assessment might change. But usually nothing changes. See also: Will my water authority tax assessment change if I move house?

Construction and handover

While your new house is being built, you can often come by and take a look. Fun to do of course, but also useful! You can already have a look to see if anything is damaged and ask the builder to fix it. Above all, take lots of photos. So, you will know later on where all the wiring and pipes are in the floors and walls. Request if you can receive a copy of the construction drawings where the water infrastructure is shown. Convenient if want to drill a hole somewhere later on.

Be sure to take an independent expert with you when your new home is handed over. This is also officially the time to document all defects. Together with the builder, you can make agreements on any problems that still need to be fixed.

During the first 3 months, flush your taps every day

In a new build house, new water pipes and new taps have been installed. In the beginning, these could release very tiny amounts of metals or other substances into the water. These can be bad for your health. This is why it is important to flush your pipes for 2 minutes every day for the first 3 months. Tip: do this at a set time so that it becomes a daily habit. Do you want a drink of water? Then flush the tap for an extra 10 seconds before use.

Step-by-step plan

  • Step 1: Turn on the tap that is closest to the water meter first
  • Step 2: Then turn on all the other taps in the house
  • Step 3: Wait 2 minutes
  • Step 4: Turn off the taps again

By repeating this for 3 months, a protective layer will build up in the pipes and taps. This prevents any undesired substances from getting into the water. After 3 months, you will no longer need to flush your pipes and taps. 

Tip: collect the water you flush. You can use it to water the plants or flush the toilet, for example. The water is not fit to drink.

More information: ()

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