Help with submitting your meter reading

Need help submitting your meter reading? Such as reading the water meter? We will help you to submit the meter reading in 4 steps.

Did you get an invitation to take the annual meter reading? Then you can submit your meter reading right away.

Submit annual meter reading


1. Find notification number

Your meter reading notification number lets us know who you are and which water meter is involved.

  • The notification number can be found in your invitation (email or letter).
  • You receive a new notification number every year.
  • The number always contains 10 digits.

Did you receive an invitation per email? Then click on the button in the email to pass on the meter reading. You do not have to fill in a notification number. It's that easy!


2. Find the water meter

The location of the water meter is different in every house. The water meter is a round, plastic box. Many water meters have a flap that you first have to lift to see the meter reading.

  • The water meter is usually located in the meter closet. Or next to your boiler.
  • In some homes, the water meter is in the toilet, bathroom, or kitchen.
  • Still haven't found it? Look under the hatch at your front door or back door.


3. Reading the water meter

Reading your water meter works like this:

  • Copy the figures on the black surface of your water meter. Including zeros (0).
  • Most water meters have 5 digits in the black fields. Some water meters have 4 digits in the black fields.
  • You do not have to pass on the digits in the red fields.

Tip: Is the water meter located in the dark? Take a picture of the meter reading with your phone and use the flash or flashlight function.

A meter with 5 digits on a black background is shown on the left. A meter with 4 digits on a black background is shown on the right.

Does your meter only have 4 fields? Set a '0' before your meter reading so that you can enter 5 digits. '0455' becomes '00455', for instance.

Problems reading your water meter?

My water meter is fogged up, what should I do?


4. Submit meter reading

The easiest way to submit your meter reading is online.

Submit meter reading

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