Tips for submitting your meter reading

Need help submitting your meter reading? For example, how to find your water meter? View our tips.

If you submit your meter reading, we can see exactly how much water you have used during the past year. That way, you will receive a correct annual statement. This will ensure that you are charged the correct amount.

How to submit my meter reading?

Each year, we send you a request to submit your annual meter reading. Did you receive a request?Then please submit your meter reading right away. If you did not yet receive a request you cannot submit a meter reading.

Submit annual meter reading

  • Keep your 'opnamenummer' (meter reading notification number) at hand. You can find this in your meter reading request email or letter. The meter reading notification number consists of 10 digits.
  • You will receive a new 'opnamenummer' (meter reading notification number) every year.
  • Enter all the digits which are shown on a black background on your water meter. Most water meters have 5 digits on a black background. Some water meters only have 4 digits on a black background.

A meter with 5 digits on a black background is shown on the left. A meter with 4 digits on a black background is shown on the right.

Where is my water meter located?

The location of the water meter is different in every home.

  • Usually, the water meter is located in the meter cabinet. Or next to your boiler.
  • In some homes, the water meter is located in the toilet, bathroom or kitchen.
  • Still haven't found it? Check under the hatch at your front door or back door.

Please also view this short video on where to find your water meter (in Dutch).

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Submit meter reading

Submit meter reading

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