Average water use

Waternet supplies tap water to more than 1 million customers. What is the average water use of these households? And what do we actually use this water for?

How much water does each household use?

How much water do households use on average each year? Of course, that depends on the number of people in a household.

On average, a 1-person households use 52,000 litres per year. On average, 2-person households use 99,000 litres per year on average. Therefore, the water use of multi-person households is more economical than 1-person households. On average, households of 3 or 4 people use 145,000 and 191,000 litres per year.

How much water do I use?

Do you have a water meter? Then your water use is shown on your annual statement. Please view your annual statement via My Waternet. Your water use is stated on your annual statement in cubic metres (m3). One cubic metres is 1,000 litres.

View annual statement

What do we do with all that water?

We use more than half of our water for showering and for the toilet. Please check out the table below to find out what people use tap water for.

Tap water use
Water for...Litres per day
Shower  62.7
Toilet  35.3
Washing machine  12.3
Washing clothes (by hand)  2
Bathroom  5.8
Washing up (by hand)  4.6
Dishwasher  1.4
Cooking  1.3
Bathing  1*
Coffee and tea  1
Drinking  0.7
Other things  5.7
Total 133.4 litres

Saving water

Did you know that you can easily save water? For example, use a water-saving shower head. Or reduce your daily shower time by a few minutes. This is kinder to your wallet and kinder to the environment! That’s because heating water uses a lot of energy.

Did you know that…

The Netherlands uses the least amount of water on 24 December? That’s because it is Christmas Eve. Many people are not home but visiting relatives instead.

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