Average water use

Waternet supplies tap water to more than 1 million customers. What is the average water use of these households? And what do we actually use this water for?

How much water does each household use?

How much water do households use on average each year? Of course, that depends on the number of people in a household. The more people living in a house, the lowe the water consumption per person. In 2021, the average water consumption per person was 129 liters per day (Vewin, only available in Dutch). For a household of 4 people, this is more than 500 liters per day. 

How much water do I use yearly?

Are you a customer of Waternet and do you have a water meter? Then the water meter calculates how much water you use. You can see your annual water consumption on your annual statement in cucib meters (1 m³ = 1.000 liters). 

View annual statement (My Waternet)

What do we do with all that water?

We use more than half of our water for showering and for the toilet. Please check out the table below to find out what people use tap water for.

Average tap water use 2021 (per person)*
Water for... Liters per day Liters per use each time**
Shower  46,2 56,9
Toilet  30,2  
Washing machine  16,9 48,9
Washing clothes (by hand)  0,6 32,3
Sink  8,7 4,6
Washing up (by hand)  1 5
Washing machine 2,9 11,7
Bathing 5,2 142,4
Bathing (children) 0,1 20,2
Consumption 2,6  
Use of water outside 0,9  
Other 12,8  
Total 128,1 liter per day  

*Source: Vewin core data tap water (only in Dutch)
**Not everyone showers every day or uses the dishwasher every day. We use the toilet about 5 times a day. For that reason the consumption per day is different from the consumption per time. 

Saving water

Did you know that you can easily save water? For example, use a water-saving shower head. Or reduce your daily shower time by a few minutes. This is kinder to your wallet and kinder to the environment. That is because heating water uses a lot of energy.

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