Tap water rates for homes without a water meter

If you do not have a water meter you pay a fixed charge for your tap water. This enables us to maintain the water mains. You also pay for the number of ‘units’ of your home.

Do you have a large home with many large rooms? Or a bath or a large garden? Then you have more units and therefore you will pay more. Do you have a small home without a garden? Then you have less units and you will pay less.

More information about units


2019 Rates

  • € 64.95 fixed costs per year for the management and maintenance of the water mains.
  • € 22.39 per unit per year.
  • Tap water tax (Belasting op leidingwater).
  • € 1.50 for every bill we send by mail. Digital bills are free of charge. You may change your contact preferences in My Tap Water.
  • 9% VAT, levied over all the costs listed above.

2018 Rates

  • € 63.00 fixed costs per year for the management and maintenance of the water mains
  • € 24.13 per unit per year
  • Tap water tax (Belasting op leiding water). But it is only levied over the first 300 m³.
  • 6% VAT.

Find the situation which applies to you in the table below and find out how much you will be paying.

Number of units of your homeCosts 2019


€ 8.43 per month
€ 25.30 per quarter


€ 9.89 per month
€ 29.66 per quarter


€ 14.24 per month
€ 42.73 per quarter


€ 17.15 per month
€ 51.45 per quarter


€ 20.06 per month
€ 60.17 per quarter


€ 22.96 per month
€ 68.89 per quarter


€ 25.87 per month
€ 77.61 per quarter


€ 28.78 per month
€ 86.33 per quarter


€ 31.68 per month
€ 95.04 per quarter


Payment options for your tap water bill

You have 2 payment options:

  • Direct Debit
    You can either pay per month or per quarter. We will automatically deduct the amount from your bank account. If you select this option you will no longer receive your bill through the post, this reduces costs.
  • Transfer the amount manually
    You receive a quarterly tap water bill. You can pay your bill with iDEAL via My Waternet. Or you can use internet banking to transfer the amount. Please make sure to include the payment reference.