Tap water rates for homes with a water meter

Do you have a water meter? Then you pay for the actual amount of water you use. Your water meter keeps track of this. You also pay fixed costs. This enables us to maintain the water mains.

2018 rates

  • € 0.79 per m³ water (1 m³ = 1,000 litres)
  • € 71.33 fixed costs per year for the management and maintenance of the water mains
  • Tap water tax (Belasting op leiding water): 0.339 per m³. But it is only levied over the first 300 m³.
  • 6% VAT

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How much will I be paying?

Your water consumption determines the amount you will be paying for water in 2018. We do not know how much that will be yet. However, we can estimate your water use. Find the level of your water consumption in the table below and find out how much you will approximately be paying.

Yearly water use2018 Rates 

50 m3 – average use for 1 person

€ 11.29 per month
€ 33.86 per quarter

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75 m3

€ 13.78 per month
€ 41.34 per quarter

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100 m3 - average use for 2 people

€ 16.27 per month
€ 48.82 per quarter

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125 m3

€ 18.77 per month
€ 56.30 per quarter

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150 m3- average use for 3 people

€ 21.26 per month
€ 63.78 per quarter

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200 m3 - average use for 4 people

€ 26.25 per month
€ 78.74 per quarter

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250 m3

€ 31.23 per month
€ 93.70 per quarter

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300 m3

€ 36.22 per month
€ 108.66 per quarter

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More than 300 m³


Where can I find my water use?

Your water use of the previous year is stated on your annual tap water statement. We will send you this statement every year after you have submitted your meter reading. You will receive your statement through the post or by email. You can also view your statements at My Waternet. Have you not yet received your annual statement? Then please view the rates in the table.

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Payment options for your tap water bill 

You can either pay your tap water bill per month or per quarter in advance, just like your energy bill. This is called an advance payment. The advance payment amount is based on the previous water use at your address. So, this is either based on your previous water use or that of the previous resident(s). Do you live in a newly built home? Then we will estimate your water use based on a tap water use of 50 m³ per person per year (1 m³ = 1,000 litres). This is the average water use per person.

Your water meter keeps track of your water use. You must submit your water reading once a year. This allows us to compare your actual water use to your advance payments. Then you will receive your annual tap water statement. The statement shows if funds will be reimbursed or if an additional payment is required.

Change instalment payment

You can adjust the amount of your instalment payment online. This may prevent you from having to pay extra payments later on, for example in the event that your water use increases.

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