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File an objection

Is your water tax assessment incorrect? Then you can file an objection.

File an objection

Filing your objection online is quick and easy. Please note that you should file the objection within 6 weeks after the date on your assessment.

  • Object if there is something wrong with your assessment.
  • Or if you disagree with the extra costs of a reminder or court order.
  • Unable to pay the assessment? Of course we are happy to help you with this as well.
File objection now
File objection now

Submit an appeal

Do you disagree with the ruling regarding your objection? Then you have the right to appeal in court. A judge will then look at your objection.

More information
More information

What happens after I have submitted my objection?

You will receive a ruling regarding your objection within 12 weeks after the date on the assessment. If we have not received your objection in time (later than 6 weeks after the date on the assessment), you will receive a ruling regarding your objection within 6 weeks after the date on which we have received your objection. You will receive this through the post. The payment of your water authority tax assessment will be postponed until you have received the ruling. Sometimes we need additional information. If that is the case, we will contact you.

Frequently asked questions about objection

Did you own a home or other building in the service area of our water authority on January 1st? Or did you live in our service area? Read more

No. You can only file an objection against a water authority tax assessment. Is your tap water bill incorrect? Please read our explanation about your tap water bill. Read more

The water authority tax assessment is usually sent to the person who has been registered at that particular address the longest. Sometimes, the assessment will be sent to a different person.

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