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When to file an objection

Is your water authority tax assessment incorrect? Then you can file an objection.

You should only file an objection if your tax assessment statement is incorrect. There is no point in filing an objection in the following cases:

  • I find the rates too high
    You cannot object to this. The regional water public authority determines the rates each year.
  • I received the water authority tas assessment late
    We may send you an assessment up to 3 years later. For example, if you received your 2021 assessment at the end of 2023, you cannot object to this. 
  • I live with a child and I am paying too much
    (Small) children also count towards the number of residents. Only if you live by yourself, do you pay for just one pollution unit. All other households will receive a tax assessment for 3 pollution units. This is determined by law.
  • I am a student and entitled to a waiver
    In this case, you should not file an objection, but apply for remission directly.
  • I am not an heir
    Have you received a water tax assessment for a deceaded relative, but are you not their heir? Please fill in this contact form.
  • I am neither a main occupant nor an owner
    You pay water authority tax in order to prevent flooding and for the purifuction of wastewater. You are also liable to pay tax if you are the sole occupant of your property. In other words, if you are a tenant or reside at the adress, you are also required to pay tax.
  • I object to the warrant and collection charges
    You cannot object to this, because the tax assessment is correct. Do you have any questions about the warrant or collection charges? Please contact our customer service team.

Valid grounds for filing an objection

Is your water authority tax assessment incorrect? You may file an objection in the following cases:

  • The WOZ value is incorrect
    Please note: the WOZ value on the tax assessment is the WOZ value on 1 January one year prior to the relevant tax year. So if you receive a tax assessment for 2021, we will use the WOZ value of 1 January 2020.
  • The number of residents is incorrect
    The number of residents on the tax assessment is incorrect. For example, because a former resident did not de-register themselves.
  • Double tax assessment
    You already received a water authority tax assessment for the relevant tax year.
  • Not the owner
    If you were an owner on 1 January of the relevant tax year, you are required to pay water authority tax.
  • Incorrect moving date
    You have (recently) moved and the moving date is incorrect. Or you did not reside at the address at all in the relevant tax year.
  • The size of the property is incorrect
    The plot or property is larger or smaller than shown on the tax assessment.
  • No direct access
    The property did not have direct access in the relevant tax year. It was not possible to disconnect your water supply either from the inside or outside. There was no bathroom or toilet either.
  • No connection to public sewer system
    The property had no direct or indirect connection to the public sewer system in the relevant tax year.
  • Exemption for diplomats
    You were eligible for a diplomat exemption in the relevant tax year.

Please note! We will handle your objection using the data we receive from you. Sometimes we will require additional information. If this is the case, we will contact you. 

Filing an objection directly

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