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Why does Waternet withdraw 2 amounts from my bank account each month?

Sometimes, we will withdraw 2 amounts from your bank account in 1 month. Often, 1 amount is for your tap water and 1 amount is for your water authority tax. Or you may have been charged for 2 years of water authority tax in one go. Find out which bills you have paid.

View your bank account statement

Your bank account statement specifies which bills you have paid:

2 withdrawals per month

Do you live in Amsterdam? Or close to Amsterdam? Then you will usually pay both your tap water and water authority tax bill to Waternet. Do you pay your monthly tap water and water authority tax via Direct Debit? Then we will withdraw 2 amounts from your bank account each month.

2 withdrawals for water authority tax

You receive your water authority tax assessment once a year. You have the option to pay the amount in one go or in a maximum of 8 instalments.

You may have only just received your assessment for a previous year. Do you also pay this assessment in instalments? Then 2 amounts may have been deducted from your bank account for water authority tax in 1 month.

View your bills on My Waternet

Would you like to view your latest bills?

Go to My Waternet

If you still have any questions about this, please contact our customer service

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