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Understanding your water authority tax assessment

You receive your water authority tax assesment once a year. With this money, Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht provides clean water and safe dykes. This way we can prevent flooding and water-related issues.

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Why do I have to pay this amount?

There are 3 types of water authority tax: 'watersysteemheffing' (water system charge), 'zuiveringsheffing' (water treatment charge) and 'verontreinigingsheffing' (pollution charge). The type of tax you pay depends on your specific situation.

Water system charge (watersysteemheffing)

Do you live in the area of the Regional Public Water Authority Amstel, Gooi en Vecht ()? Then you must pay a water system charge. This way you contribute to a good management of the water cycle. How much water system charge you must pay depends on your situation:

  • Ingezetenen (Residents): you are a resident and pay per household.
  • Gebouwd (Buildings): you are the owner of 1 or more buildings and pay a percentage of the WOZ (the Valuation of Immovable Property Act ()) value.
  • Ongebouwd (Land without buildings): you are an landowner and pay per hectare (10,000 m2).
  • Natuurterrein (Nature area): you are the owner of a nature area and pay per hectare (10,000 m2).

Each year residents must  pay a water system charge. This is a fixed amount.  This is also the case if you move. Please read in which situations we will reduce your water authority tax assessment.

Water treatment charge (zuiveringsheffing)

Is your home connected to the public sewer system? Then you must pay a water treatment charge. With this, you help to pay to clean waste water. The amount you pay is based on the number of ‘pollution units’ (ve). A ve is the average amount of pollution of 1 person per year. Do you live alone? Then you pay for 1 ve. Households of 2 or more people pay for 3 ve. This is the law. This also includes children under 18 years of age.

Pollution charge (Verontreinigingsheffing)

If your home is not connected to the public sewer system, you pay a pollution charge. You help to pay to keep the surface water clean. This charge is also based on the number of ‘pollution units’ (ve). This is the amount of pollution that 1 person causes on average per year.

The amount you pay depends on your situation. 

View our explanation about the rates 

When do I have to pay my water authority tax assessment?

You must pay your bill within 6 weeks after receiving you water authority tax assessment. The due date (‘Vervaldatum’) is stated at the top right side of your assessment. You must pay your water authority tax before the due date. If you do not pay in a timely manner you will receive a payment reminder. You will be charged a late fee.

How can I apply for remission?

Do you want tot apply for remission? Learn how to arrange it online.

How can I file an objection?

Do you want to file an objection against your water authority tax assesment? Or are you unable to pay the assesment? Read how to file an objection.

Frequently asked questions

You will receive the assessment if you have been registered at that particular address the longest. Even if you are not the main occupant.

You cannot file an objection to this.

If you rent a home or a room, you must always pay water authority tax. Even if you made a different  arrangement with your landlord.

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A tenant must always pay water authority tax: the water system charge for residents and the water treatment charge for private customers.

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