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High groundwater levels

A high groundwater level can cause problems. (Semi-) basements and crawl spaces will become wet or damp. Other areas in your home may also be affected. The soil will become saturated and gardens will become soggy and puddles of water will appear.

When it rains the groundwater level rises. This is normal. However, sometimes it rains a lot and/or rainwater drainage problems occur. Perhaps an underground water pipe is leaking. Any of these circumstances may cause the groundwater level to rise too high or too rapidly, resulting in groundwater problems. 

Actions you can take

You are responsible for maintaining your home and your garden. You can take the following steps to protect your home against rising groundwater levels:

  • Make subsurface areas in your home waterproof. For example, (semi-)basements. There are a number of ways to waterproof a basement. Please contact a qualified waterproofing (‘vochtwering’ in Dutch) company for advice.
  • Fill a deep crawl space with a layer of shells or sand.
  • Have the connection of your home to the public sewer system checked. Water problems in basements or crawl spaces are often caused by a leaking connection to the public sewer system. Repairing the connection may resolve the problem. A sump pump or non-return valve in the pipe may prevent flooding. Please ask a professional for advice.
  • Ensure that the rainwater flows away from your home. Flooding or water problems in (semi-) basements are often caused by rainwater. Find out more about these issues on the website of Rainproof ().
  • Have a drainage system installed on your premises to carry groundwater away from your home. You can connect the drainage system to the public sewer system, a municipal drainage system, a ditch or a stream. Would you like a connection to the sewer or drainage system of the municipality? Please send an email to [email protected] ().

Do you need advice on water problems caused by groundwater? Please contact our customer service team. 

More information

Please also view our tips on preventing water problems and flooding in your home. Also find more information on water problems and flooding on the website of Rioned ().


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