Prevent water problems

Heavy rainfall is happening increasingly often during the summer months. This can cause flooding and water problems. Fortunately, you can take measures to protect your home. What do you need to pay attention to when inspecting your gutters? How can you recognise signs of dampness in your basement? When will Waternet provide help? Read our tips here.

Who does what?

It is important that all of the systems that drain the water function properly.

  • The municipality is responsible for the drainage of the streets and everything related to this.
  • Waternet is responsible for the sewer system and the groundwater.
  • As a home owner, you are responsible for waterproofing your home. For example, your roof and your basement walls. You are responsible for all of the water pipes in and around your home.

3 tips on how to prevent water problems

You can take measures to protect you home against water.

The site of Amsterdam Rainproof () provides additional tips.