Late payment of water authority tax

Is your water authority tax overdue? That can happen to anyone. Find out what you should do to prevent extra charges.

You receive your water authority tax assessment once a year. You have the option to pay this within 6 weeks.

Tip: pay your tax assessment in instalments via Direct Debit. Please arrange your Direct Debit via payment options on My Waternet. Use your personal DigiD to log in.

Pay tax assessment via My Waternet

Useful: receive reminder by email

Do you want to receive a notification to pay the assessment? That's possible! Log into Mijn Waternet with your DigiD and fill in your email address. You will receive an email one week before the payment date.


Is your payment for water authority tax late? Then you will receive a payment reminder. This is called 'aanmaning' in Dutch. You will also be charged a late fee of 7 euros. 

Please pay your bill within 2 weeks of receiving the reminder in order to prevent additional charges.


Have you still not paid your bill after the additional two weeks? Then a warrant ('dwangbevel' in Dutch) will be issued and sent to you by mail. You must pay the warrant within 2 days. You must also pay extra charges of 45 euros.

Have you not yet paid the court order? Then we may send your details to a bailiff. Did you get a letter from the bailiff? Then please pay the bill as soon as possible.


Do you have a question about your bill? Or do you believe that something is incorrect? Feel to contact our customer service. We would love to help you!