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How can I transfer the tap water account to a different name?

You cannot change the name on the tap water account yourself. The new customer must register himself. After that you will automatically receive a final bill.

Your name on the tap water account

Do you want to put the tap water account on your name? Or do you want to take over the contract? Then register yourself as a new customer. The person who was a customer at your address will automatically be deregistered and will receive a final bill. 

Register as a new customer

Report death 

Do you want to report a death? You can either stop the supply of tap water, or allow it to continue temporarily. Or you can put the contract in your name. 

Report death

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Are you moving? Do you have a water meter? Please tell us you are moving and submit your last meter reading. You will receive a final tap water 6 weeks after you have informed us of your move.
Final tap water bill

You do not have to take any action. However, you may want to change your monthly instalment.
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