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Billing and payments

View our bank account numbers. Please use a different one for each service: your tap water and water authority tax.

View our bank account numbers

Sometimes, we will withdraw 2 amounts from your bank account in 1 month. Often, 1 amount is for your tap water and 1 amount is for your water authority tax. Or you may have been charged for 2 years of water authority tax in one go. Find out which bills you have paid.

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You can pay your tap water bill and water authority tax in instalments via direct debit.

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Please pay the amount stated on your (second) payment reminder or warrant as soon as possible to avoid extra costs.

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You can request a payment plan for tap water and water authority tax.

Request payment plan

Does the letter or email concern a tap water bill from Waternet? Please pay the debt collection agency as soon as possible.

Do you have a question about the letter? Please contact the debt collection agency.

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Did you receive multiple bills for water authority tax? That can happen. Some of the assessments of previous years will only be sent this year. Sometimes at the same time as this year’s assessment.

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The direct debit payment of your tap water is around 2 weeks after the date stated on your tap water bill. Water authority tax is collected around the 28th day of the month.

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