Understanding your bill

Would you like to know more about your Waternet bill? For example, your tap water bill or your water tax assessment? We would be happy to help you understand each type of bill.

You can find all of your bills on My Waternet. It also provides an overview of your outstanding and most recent bills.

View your bills on My Waternet

Aanslag waterschapsbelasting (Water authority tax assessment)

Do you live in the area of the Public Regional Water Authority Amstel, Gooi and Vecht? Then you will receive a  water tax assessment from Waternet once a year. We usually send the assessment to the person who has been registered at the address the longest.

Understanding your water tax assessment


Tap water bills

Is your tap water supplied by Waternet? View the type of bill you have received below.

Jaarafrekening (Annual statement)

If your home has a water meter, we'll send you a bill once a year. This annual bill compares your actual water consumption with your payments.

Understanding your annual statement


Termijnrekening (Quarterly or monthly bill)

Do you pay your bill manually? Then you receive a bill every three months. This bill states the advance payment for the following three months. Do you pay monthly through direct debit (automatische incasso)? Then a monthly bill can be found online on My Wternet (Login for Tap Water).

Understanding your quarterly or monthly bill


Eindafrekening (Final bill)

Moving home? Then you will receive a final bill for your former address.

Understanding your final bill