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When it's warm outside, a lot of people enjoy swimming in ponds, lakes and rivers. The best place to go swimming is in the designated swimming spots where people can swim in safe and clean water. Download the 'ZwemWater App' and find out! Unfortunately, the app is only available in Dutch.

Strand Zuidoever (Zuidoever Beach) at the Gaasperplas, Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

Where can I go swimming?

The free 'Zwemwater app' (Swimming water app), and () list 800 designated swimming spots throughout the Netherlands. Included the many beautiful swimming places the regional public water authority has to offer.

The app also provides convenient extra information. For example, directions and whether you can park your car at or near the swimming spot. And where you can grab a bite to eat or have a drink in the area.

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Swimming in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a number of designated swimming spots:

  • Sloterstrand (Sloterplas)
  • De Oeverlanden (Nieuwe Meer)
  • Speelvijver-Noord en Strand Zuidoever (Gaasperplas)
  • De Grote Speelweide (Amsterdamse Bos)
  • Strand Diemerpark
  • Strand IJburg
  • Strand en Speelsloot de Hoge Dijk (Zuidoost)
  • Ouderkerkerplas Strand

These are also listed on the 'Zwemwater app' and posted on Waternet and the Regional Public Water Authority Amstel, Gooi en Vecht are looking to create new designated swimming spots in the city.

Of course, you can also take a refreshing dip in the outdoor pools or cool off at wading pools or water playgrounds. An admission fee is charged for the outdoor pools. The website of the municipality of Amsterdam () also shows all of the designated swimming spots on a map.

Please take caution when swimming in other (unapproved) swimming spots. 

We do not monitor the quality of swimming water in these spots. If you still decide to go swimming  in unapproved swimming spots, please take the following risks into account:

  • Heavy rainfall may cause sewage water to overflow into ditches or canals. It takes around 3 days for the pollution to subside. So, it’s best not to go swimming then.
  • Never dive into shallow water. Or in cloudy or murky water.
  • Please be careful, there might be sharp objects on the bottom or on the banks. For example, broken glass or sharp rocks.
  • Do not swim in areas with lots of boat traffic.
  • Do not swim near a pumping station, sluice or water treatment facility. Or close to industrial areas.
  • Beware of swimming in cold water. It might cause cramps.
  • Do not swim near dead animals, such as dead fish or birds. Do not touch dead animals.
  • Do not swim in areas with a lot of bird droppings.
  • Do not swim in areas with a lot of algae, or where the surface of the water is green or a reddish brown.

Questions about the swimming water quality?

If you have any questions about the quality of your swimming water, please call the 'zwemwatertelefoon' (swimming water information number) of your province. For Noord-Holland you can call (088) 10 21 300, in the province of Utrecht you can call (030) 70 23 333.

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