Moving home

Do you pay your water authority tax in instalments? Then you might still have outstanding instalment payments.

Please view your outstanding payment amount at My Waternet.

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You cannot change the name on the tap water account yourself. The new customer must register himself. After that you will automatically receive a final bill. 

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Are you moving? Do you have a water meter? Please tell us you are moving and submit your last meter reading. You will receive a final tap water 6 weeks after you have informed us of your move.

Final tap water bill

You will receive a final tap water bill within 2 weeks after you have moved. We will check if you should still submit an additional payment or if you will receive a refund.

Did you pay per month? Your water bill is an advance payment. So sometimes, you will receive a monthly bill before your final bill.

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Waternet supplies tap water in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen, Heemstede, Muiden, Muiderberg and Ouder-Amstel.

Do we supply tap water at your new address? Then make sure to register as a new customer.

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You do not have to take any action. However, you may want to change your monthly instalment.

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Are you moving to or out of Amsterdam? Then you need to take action for your tap water.

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Have the new tenants/owners already registered for tap water? Then we will automatically deregister you as a tap water customer at that address. You will soon receive a final tap water bill. This bill will be sent to your old address (as your new address is not known to us).

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If you moved out of The Netherlands, you may still have to pay an outstanding amount. Please check what kind of bill you received: waterschapsbelasting (water authority tax) or drinkwater (tap water).

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