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Understanding your payment reminder for water authority tax

Did you receive a payment reminder for water authority tax? Please pay the amount stated on your payment reminder immediately online. And read what this entails for you and which action you should take.

Which action should I take?

Please pay the amount stated on the payment reminder as soon as possible. Then it will all be taken care of and there's nothing to worry about. Please always pay before the due date. That is the date stated at the top right of the payment reminder.

Pay now

Understanding your payment reminder

You will receive a payment reminder if you do not pay your water authority tax assessment on time. The payment reminder will state the outstanding amount. Plus extra charges for issuing the payment reminder.

Do you receive your tax assessment by email? Then you will receive the payment reminder by email and by post.

Did you sign up for messages from Waternet via MijnOverheid? Then you will receive your payment reminder in the ‘Berichtenbox’ via MijnOverheid.

Why did I receive a payment reminder? 

According to our information, you did not yet pay the payment reminder for your water authority tax assessment. That is why you have received a payment reminder.

Please pay this amount within 6 weeks of the date of the payment reminder. This 6 week period ends on the due date. These dates are stated at the top right of your payment reminder. Did you pay the payment reminder before the due date? Then you have definitely submitted your payment on time.

I have already paid the payment reminder

Did you receive a payment reminder, although you already paid the tax assessment? Perhaps your payment and the payment reminder were sent around the same time. Please check on My Waternet if your payment was successfully processed. If this is the case, please ignore the payment reminder.

What happens if I do not pay my payment reminder?

Did you fail to pay your payment reminder? Then a warrant will be issued. You will also face additional charges.

Read more about overdue payments

Can I still switch to payment in instalments? Or set up a payment plan?

It is too late to switch your payment option into payment in instalments. However, if you cannot afford to pay your bill, you can request to set up a payment plan.

Request to set up payment plan

I disagree with the extra costs

Then you can object to the extra costs. Choose 'I've received a reminder or warrant'.

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