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Brown water

Are you getting brown or cloudy water? Make sure to turn off your taps for half an hour and do not use your washing machine or dish washer. Next, turn all your taps on full and keep on doing this until the water becomes clear again. Brown water is not bad for your health.

Waternet produces high quality tap water. Are you still getting brown water? Do not drink this water. Did you drink brown water? You do not have to worry. Brown water is not hazardous to your health. You do not need to boil it either.

Why is my tap water brown?

Water becomes brown if iron particles break free from iron or steel water pipes. This can happen when we flush the water mains. Or when the water pressure changes.

Stains on your laundry

Was your washing machine running when brown water was coming from your tap? Did this cause stains on your laundry? Make sure your clothes stay wet. Rinse your clothes out with water when the tap water is clear again. Check your clothes and re-wash them if you can still see stains.

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