Little or no tap water

Sometimes only a trickle or no water at all is coming out of the tap. You can take the following actions to find out what may be the problem.

Did you receive a letter?

Has your water supply been interrupted because Waternet is working in your area? We always send letters to tell you about the planned interruption before we start working.

If you did not receive a letter and no or little water is coming out of your tap, the water supply might be interrupted in your area.

View the list of current service interruptions

Do your neighbours also have water problems?

If no or little water is coming out of your tap, please ask whether your neighbours have the same problem. If they do not have a problem, it is likely that the problem is in your own home. Please check your taps. Or call an approved plumber.

Are your taps working properly?

You can also check your own taps.

  • Are the aerators of your taps clogged? Aerators are located at the tip of your water tap.
  • Is the main water shut-off valve open? And other valves in your home? The main water shut off valve is usually located next to your water meter, which is located in a special cupboard which also contains your electricity meter and/or gas meter. It could also be located (close to) the crawl space under your home.

Is the problem not yet solved? And is the problem located somewhere in your home, between the valves and the water meter? Then perhaps a plumber can help you. Waternet is responsible for the pipes up to the main water shut off valve and the water meter.

No hot water?

Do you have water but no hot water? Your problem is most likely a gas or electricity problem. Please contact your energy supplier.