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Little or no tap water

Is no water coming out of your tap? Or do you have low water pressure? That is certainly very frustrating! We will help you step by step.

1. Check to see if there is a disruption

Check first if the disruption is already known to us.

View current disruptions and maintenance

Is your disruption on the map? You will then immediately see when we expect the disruption to be resolved.

2. Ask your neighbours

Is your disruption not on the map? And do your neighbours have water? Then the problem probably lies in your home. Check the following:

  • Check your taps first. Is it possible that the sieves in the tap are clogged?
  • Also check that the main valve and the stopcocks are fully open. These are usually located next to the water meter, in your meter closet, or central heating cabinet. Or in the crawl space beneath your house.
  • Do you live in a flat or apartment? Then there may be an issue with the hydrophore. This is a pump that ensures that there is enough water pressure throughout the building. In this case, contact the building manager.
  • Do you have water, but no hot water? Then the problem probably lies in the device that supplies your hot water. Contact your landlord. Or the company that maintains your device. Do you have district heating? Contact your grid operator.

Are you unable to solve the problem yourself? And is the problem located between the taps and the water meter? Then call in a plumber. Do you live in Amsterdam? Then you can arrange for a plumber through Waternet.

3. Report the disruption to Waternet.

Is the disruption not yet known to us? And is the problem not inside your home? Report the disruption to Waternet. Call us at 0900 93 94 and choose option 1. We are available 24 hours per day. You only have to pay your usual call charges.

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