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Maintenance to the public sewer system

Waternet takes care of the construction and maintenance of the public sewer system. Therefore we must regularly replace old or sagging pipes. We also regularly flush the sewer system pipes. Unfortunately, this might affect you if we are working in your area.

Where is Waternet working right now?

The ‘maintenance and service interruption’ page shows where we are currently carrying out work.

Go to Maintenance and Service Interruptions

How will I know when Waternet has planned to do maintenance work on the sewer system in my area?

You will receive a letter 1 week before we start working on the sewer system with the following information:

  • What we are going to do.
  • When we will start working.
  • Which part of the street we will be working on.
  • Where you should put your trash.
  • Where you should park your car.
  • If there will be temporary traffic restrictions and detours.
  • An email address for possible complaints.

If we have planned on performing maintenance work that continues through the night or that makes a lot of noise, you will receive an invitation for a residents’ information meeting.

What should I keep in mind while the work is being done?

  • Usually, you can continue to use your toilet, shower, dish washer and washing machine. If this is not the case we will let you know.
  • It is still safe to drink water from the tap.
  • You will always be able to reach your home and/or store. So will the firefighters, police and ambulance. Temporary road signs will be set up to divert traffic.

As little inconvenience as possible 

We will do our best to cause you as little inconvenience as possible. Therefore, we usually replace the water pipes when the municipality is also working in your area. For example, when the municipality is renewing the road surface or pavement (sidewalk).

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