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Leakage or burst pipes

Do you suspect or see signs of a broken water main or burst pipe in your area? Or do you have a leaking water meter? Find out how you can prevent a leakage or broken water pipes in your home. For problems outside your home, please call Waternet.


Water main break or burst pipes on your street

Find the latest information on repairs, reported leaks and planned improvements online

Is the problem not posted on our website? Please contact Waternet. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will solve the problem as soon as possible.

A water leak in your home

Is your water meter leaking?

A water meter barely ever leaks. Often, the moisture on and under the glass of the water meter is condensation. Water droplets are formed when warm air in your home comes into contact with cold pipes. You can easily check if your water meter is leaking:

  • Dry off your water meter and pipe with a cloth.
  • If the water meter has developed a leak, it will immediately start dripping again.

Is your water meter leaking? Or are you in doubt? Please contact Waternet for help or advice.

Other types of water leaks at your home

Do you have other water leaks at your home? Please call an approved plumber. Waternet is responsible for the pipes up to the main water shut off valve and the water meter. Do you live in Amsterdam? Then you can arrange for a plumber through Waternet

How to prevent blockages: tips

A leak is often caused by a blockage. How to prevent blockages:

  • Please do not flush sanitary items such as tampons, wet wipes, nappies (diapers) etc. down the toilet or wash leftover food etc. down your sink.
  • Oil and leftover cooking fat can also cause blockages in your pipes and the public sewer system. Please dispose of it properly: throw it in your bin or bring it to a special collection point.

Locating a hidden leak

Are you using more water than you expected to? You might have a hidden leak. Learn how to track down hidden leaks.

  • Turn off all the taps in your home. Ensure that your washing machine and dishwasher are not running.
  • Do not turn off the main water shut off valve.
  • Look at the red triangle on your water meter for a whole minute.
  • Is the red triangle still moving? Then water is still running through the meter and you might have a leak. Please call an approved plumber. Do you live in Amsterdam? Then you can arrange for a plumber through Waternet.

Use less water

Even if you do not have a hidden leak you might be using more water than you expect to. Would you like to conserve water?

  • Firmly turn off dripping taps.
  • Ensure that your toilet does not continue to run.
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